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What is Classical Homeopathy?


It is a system of medication based on the principle of resonance, the cure of likes –with – likes. It was developed in the 18th Century in Germany, by Dr Samuel Hahnemann. The basic principles of homeopathy have been extended and refined since then. Millions of people all over the world regularly use and benefit from this form of gentle and holistic treatment.


How does it work?


In classical homeopathy we treat the suffering person, not simply the outward signs and symptoms of illness. A carefully selected homeopathic remedy; made from natural materials, is prescribed to stimulate the immune systems. This encourages the body and mind to gradually overcome the signs and symptoms of dis-order and so restore the patient to order.


What happens at my first visit?


Adam will ask for details of the signs and symptoms of your illness; your personal and family medical history , and events in your life which still distress you. These could range from injuries or bereavements to physical or sexual abuse. After analysing that information he’ll select a remedy to treat the deepest source of your dis-ease, this is the root of healing and it leads to a long term cure. A follow-up appointment to discuss the results of that prescription is usually arranged for about a month later. Adam provides free support by telephone, if this is needed between appointments.


How soon will my treatment be effective?


That depends on your illness and for how long you have suffered it. Each person is unique, so is their particular form of dis-ease. Adam estimates that it takes about one month of accurate prescribing for each year you have been suffering.  This varies according to your sort of dis-ease and the kinds and quantities of orthodox drugs you have been using.


What will my treatment cost?


The fee for the first consultation will be £55. A follow –up visit, some time later, is £35. Consultation fees include the cost of all remedies. Your first consultation may last an hour or more. A remedy may be prescribed immediately, or will be sent by post soon after your consultation.




Fees may be reduced for any patients in genuine financial need.




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